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Tolle Lege

I jumped up to take this picture not understanding that today it would be used to minister to my spirit. In life you will read books, situations, people, etc but just like St. Augustine you WILL have an encounter with God demanding that you find Him and read the book that brings everlasting life. I’m standing on the words "Tolle Lege" which means TAKE UP & READ. How profound? I’m in awe how everything in this picture is symbolic of where I am today. The building was gifted by Michael Tsotsis, “a 1971 Assumption College graduate who said he made the gift to make a positive impact on his alma mater and to LEAVE A LASTING MARK on the school.” My eyes are wide open. Thank God for revelation on the simplest things. So I am off blazing trails and leaving marks.

PC: Cynthia Fulton

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