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She laughs at the days ahead.

She laughs at the days ahead. It doesn’t matter what she’s been through. It only matters where she’s going. Even in her valley days, He pulled her through. Even in her darkest times when it seemed like death was overtaking her He pulled her back into life. No valley or shadow could have her because He counted her as part of his team when she was rejected by most. Her laughter floods her soul and emanates her surroundings. This laughter is so hearty and brings confusion to her enemies. HOW? WHY? WHAT? they ask could be so funny when your in the valley.

My laughter holds back the tears for I know the plans He has for me are to give me hope and a future. This situation is a temporary state. So keep laughing with me. My future is so much brighter than my now. I’ve come this far by faith. I’m still standing. My head is back. The shadows are gone. The Son is still shining all over me and I’m covered by the blood.

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