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When my rose bush was first planted a few roses bloomed and then nothing.

I waited and waited. I told my husband I was bringing it BACK to the nursery I purchased it from. I was told it was a constantly blooming bush. Week 2, week 3 and then week 4 after continuously watering I saw small tight buds all over. I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait until the morning to see which ones would pop open. I’m beyond grateful I didn’t take it back. I’m even more grateful my gardening assistant @futurepmkt went to love up in my flowers with some refreshing water. So in the natural, so in the spiritual. I’m so glad that God has never given up on me even when it didn’t look like anything was taking root. Yet He knew at the appointed time, with the refreshing of the Holy Spirit and the SON blossoms would be popping all over. #time #space#growth #rosebush #water #sun #love #care#patience #floralgarden #motherson #joy

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