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YOU Are...

YOU are the ANSWER to someone’s PRAYER!

YOU are the manifestation to the cry of someone’s heart.

YOU have entered into a season of pain or gain to blaze a trail for someone else’s victory.

32 years ago a man cried out over an empty chair “CHAIR BE FULL” I now sit in a chair as the fulfillment of that declaration.

A mother prayed for her daughter’s self esteem after a racial incident occurred in a segregated neighborhood. The family moved and the 8 year old girl started to attend RISE. The push I felt to start RISE was based on several prayers from mothers praying for their daughters.

A man prayed for a companion, favor and love. God knew I would open a store and be uniquely positioned to be the answer to that prayer.

God impressed in my heart to attend one of our campuses more frequently. As I spoke with one of our members she told me she prayed that I would be more present at that campus. 2 years later we hosted our annual women’s conference on both campuses.

YOU ARE PURPOSELY doing everything. Someone is praying about an encounter and you will be the answer. That is amazing news. With that said.............

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