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Yes You Can!

These 3 words are simple yet they can speak life over your dreams and the dreams of others. My grandmother and my mother would say “You can do anything you put your mind too!” I grew up believing that. There were times when discouragement tried to creep in and my spirit man would scream “yes you can” to awaken hope. When you walk with hope and faith plus knowing a great big omnipotent, omnipresent and all consuming God is on your side YES YOU CAN should be your mantra. When you live in that lane it’s easy to encourage others to follow their dreams! You got this, we got this, YES WE CAN!#encourageyourself #unity #letsdothis#yesyoucan #blazeatrail #leaveamark#liveyourdash #bepresent #todaymatters #goforit

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