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Today was tough

IT’S OK TO NOT BE OK! Today was a tough morning. I had to take a self examination on my emotions. The news of 2 women who lost their Moms, friends in the hospital, mental health challenges, trucks becoming morgues in NY..... I was overwrought with emotion. Thank God that HE IS A VERY PRESENT HELP when I was troubled. Thank God for his word and the example of David talking to his spirit man telling his emotions to put hope in God. I just wanted to share in case someone else is in the same situation that I found myself in today. Do some thing that brings you joy, read the word to encourage your spirit man, grab some sun when it peaks out, whatever it takes to let your hope rise and your joy be strengthened. Call someone today that you haven’t spoken to you since this pandemic to encourage them. Be blessed!

#hope #encouragement #joy #weareinthistogether #wearejubilee ALEX AND ANI Who would’ve thought my bracelets would bring so much joy!

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