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This little girl...

This little girl who started out in Franklin Field projects always dreamed of far away places. She went through a myriad of tests, trials, storms, wars and plagues. Even at her grave moments of needing emergency surgery, resuscitation and several other near death situations (figuratively speaking) she prevailed. Every time she overcame, every time she survived, she gained new strength to race towards her dreams. As life unfolded she moved past survival to surrender. Her surrender was not a flag waved to concede defeat to what life planted in her garden yet her surrender was a determination to move beyond her circumstances to the forecast of her brightly imagined dreams. She never settled. She never let her blurred vision of the moment be hindered or gave it permission to overtake the beauty of her techno-color 3D scope of life. She simply kept her scheduled eye appointments until she saw what she dreamt and saw what she spoke with a 20/20 vision. That girl is now a woman in India leading a revolution. Her dreams were smaller than her reality. She stands on the 8th floor, overlooking a new horizon, horns blazing while the sun rises on the lake beckoning bigger dreams. Here’s to new territories! #faith #hope #dream #dreambig #dontstopbelieving #balance #blazeatrail #leaveamark #love #joy #tothineownselfbetrue #worldchanger #uganda #ghana #india #liveyourdash #workhard #pray #press

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