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This is 54.

It’s 5:40am. I am my age in time twice today. This is 54. When I was younger I loved getting anything in the mail. I would fill out the forms in magazines and every time I would get to the part that had the list of age categories I would check under 21. I would look at all the other age groups with the wonder and imagination only a child has, thinking “What’s it like to be that OLD?” Well now I’m answering the question. Actually I’m almost at the box you check where the numbers end - 60 & up. At 60 my 5” heels retire and become vintage. Anyhoo let me enjoy being 54 before I jump into 60. I have learned so much in these years but there’s more growing for me to do. 2020 has come in with a bang. I’m declaring that God will bless me, keep me, that His face will shine upon me and that He will continue to be faithful to me. Happy Birthday to me!#thisis54#melanin#blackdontcrack#stillirise#risegirl#riseup#rise#risegirls#risegirlsrock#riseandshine#riseandgrind#liveyourdash#liveyourtruth#blazeatrail#leaveamark

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