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There were days

Vanessa Bell Armstrong penned these lyrics in the early 90’s. The press is real when you are working hard to make the dream a reality. Thank you @shakira_folasade for believing in the vision and adding your faith to my faith. All dreamers need believers. So I press and will continue to press until I see what I saw become a reality.

“There were days when I thought

I wouldn't make it through the night

Hard times all around,

I wouldn't let it get me down,

that's right

There were times when I thought

that I was cursed, yes, I did

But I, I think that I've been through, through the worst

So I just keep pressing on, on and on

God knows I took the licking but I just keep on ticking

Pressing on, on and on

Oh yes, it has been rough but

I'm blessed with special love

So I just keep pressing on,

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