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There is hope!

Thank you@maddymanning_0121for the inspiration for this talk about youth and young adults. You inspired my wrap, hair and makeup. As I thought about you and all college students my heart recalled my college experience and all my graduations. This is just my message of hope to all graduates young and aged. I salute you for getting through the abrupt changes in your life.@commonI’m not sure if I stole your line from your concert “Let love lead the way” sooooo yeah what he said.@monicacost_thebutterflythank you for your post encouraging dialogue about posting our high school pictures but most importantly understanding heart matters.@gwenmanigaultThank you for suggesting a corporate graduation! Now as we wait for new policy around gatherings we shall see how we can make it happen.#letlovelead#letloverule#highschool#college#middleschool#wearejubilee#hope#love#joy#peace#community#inspiration

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