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The past can fuel you, fear you or freeze you.

This picture will forever be one of my favorites from my wedding day. I was the little girl with a BIG imagination. I always had my face in a book dreaming about a place far away. Then real life encroached upon my fantasy island living through mean girls, bullying, rejection, absentee father, issues and problems. This led to an abusive first marriage that derailed all my white wedding dress dreams. When I became a widow I had two decisions I could make, freedom or fear. I was determined to let go of my past mistakes, hurts, offenses and anything that would hinder me from receiving the love I deserved as a woman. My daddy issues nor prior mistreatment would affect my heart from experiencing the agape love God wanted to express in human form. I climbed over fear refusing to be frozen by my past and began the journey of ascending the mountain of love. At the top he stood waiting for me to come down the aisle and then he stepped down to bring me up. My side eye has changed through the year s however my love has not. 23 years until eternity,#bae #marriage #blacklove #blackmarriage #love#christianmarriage #hegavemethekissoflife#youmakemehappy #thisjoy #wegotthis#allthislove #faithoverfear #testimony

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