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The next thought...

Awoke this morning with one thought THANK GOD I AM ALIVE. The next thought was The Lord is MY SHEPHERD. Thank God for breathe and thank God for guidance. I want to use this quarantine time wisely. Yes it’s an usual, uncertain, unpredictable and unprecedented time in history yet our attitude can help us to make it a time to win. I’m learning to be grateful for this pause. I’m learning to make the necessary adjustments to all of my plans. I’m learning to lean not to my own understanding and trust God. We are all walking on water and let’s not look back. Who cares ? God got you @pmkt.jr and don’t blink or you can miss what God has for you in this season @anthonysbrown_ @airbornechurch @bethgreenwv @kevingreenwv @terrisavellefoy @johncmaxwell #winningattitude #winningatwinning #psalm23 #grace #thelordismyshepherd #clutterfree #clutter #blazeatrail #leaveamark #liveyourlife #balance #liveyourdash

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