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Sips Tea

Sipping up in my room, I must confess I’m a mess for all things God. Things are moving fast, deadlines are on the horizon, and here I am sipping tea. Even in the midst of it all there’s a calmness, a knowing, that I’m safe in the arms of the Master. See the ONE who commanded the sea to part, told the waves to obey, cursed the fig tree, and created the whole earth has me. He vindicates me from my enemies. He has healed my body. He gave me authority to CRUSH the head of the serpent. He is just an all around promise keeper and defender. You weren’t there when He found me, you have NO idea the valleys He carried me through and even I don’t know what disaster/calamity/ destruction He has prevented from life. So yeah....... SIPS TEA❤️ Make today great because YOU ARE ALIVE! #liveyourdash#blazeatrail #leaveamark #sipstea #relax #peace#joy #alabasterbox #found #yes #elevate#atmosphereshift

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