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re·​birth | \ (ˌ)rē-ˈbərth , ˈrē-ˌbərth \ Collegiate Definition 1a : a new or second birth : b : spiritual regeneration 2 : RENAISSANCE, REVIVAL YES I WAS REALLY SUBMERGED IN WATER IN A BAPTISMAL POOL for this photo. I am revived! I am renewed. Like Tabitha I got out of a dead situation. Like Hannah I cried in prayer. Like Esther I warred for my people. Like Priscilla I mentored. Like Mary I birthed life changing dreams. So on Thursday I will join multitudes of women as we wade in the water getting baptized like Lydia and our rebirth will be the charge to freedom! He whom the son sets freeeeeeeee.... @thedashconference @jubileestoughton Heaven WILL invade earth. #blazeatrail #leaveamark #liveyourdash #liveyourbestlife #dontquit #soldout #thisishowwedoit #thisishowwefightourbattles #helovesus #rebirth #thedash #womensconference #sisterhood

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