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My inner GLOW...

I came, I conquered, I am continuing to run MY race set before me since the beginning of time. My inner GLOW is what gives hope to others. It’s that light that illuminates in the gloomy places like the coffee shop, the grocery store, the gas station, the daily places I do life at. It’s the reason people think I work at Mobil, Target, Market Basket, etc. Honestly in my early days it would be super annoying to always get asked “Do you work here?” Then I realized I look like someone who could help and most times I can. The real help I offer is peace, hope, love and knowing JESUS. Shout out to @glowconf for that reminder. @ladyjmcbath @ltosborne the love and admiration you share is beautiful. Your love for the empowerment of women is stellar and the connection with the women at the correctional facility was amazing. CRC is my filling station and I always leave with a full tank of supreme high octane fuel. All the volunteers, leaders and staff take great care of the Boston folks even though we are Patriots Nation LOL! May God restore you 100 fold for all you gave! #blessed #liveyourbestlife #glow #blazeatrail #leaveamark #liveyourdash #peace #hope #hopeforothers #joy

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