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Little girl with dreams

What I would say to this little girl filled with dreams of being a librarian and an author. I remember when she masterfully converted her closet into a library and categorized each section by subject. The pride she had whenever she opened the closet door. Oh she still loved fashion. Her clothes occupied the top and her books at the bottom on a bookcase with a chair for her to sit and read or to reach her clothes. I would tell her that her dreams are the platform to her future. I would remind her to never give up because your dreams may happen differently than you imagine because they are designed to be grander. The experiences I would share would widen her capacity to the expansion of unknown horizons. Then I would let her know you can and you will accomplish your dreams. Then I look into the mirror and hold up my 5 books and say girllllllll I told you nothing is impossible if you only believe. I walk down the hallway to my studio filled with a wall of books separated by category, some by author and thank the librarian within. Then I sit with a cup of tea with the best book I was ever introduced to, the Bible, and give thanks that the little girl had a lot of women who spoke into her life. Here’s to the next 47 years ♥️♥️ Celebrating my birth all month long. #me #beingme #memories #dontquit #doyou#rememberthetimes #keepmovingforward#blazeatrail #leaveamark #liveyourdash #melanin#lettertomyself #lovethyself #blackgirlmagic#blackgirl #blackgirlhairstyles

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