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Juneteenth, which is also known as Freedom Day or Jubilee Day, only comes once a year, but there are more ways you can help your community all year long.

Educate yourself: Spend the day reading about Juneteenth's history, including how black families felt after being emancipated. Watch the documentary 13th on Netflix, or engage with other movies, shows, books and podcasts about systemic racism.

Reflect: While slavery ended in 1865, systemic racism continues to this day. Use June 19th as a day to reflect on critical issues that perpetuate discrimination against black people in America and throughout the world.

“Juneteenth may mark the formal end of slavery in this country, but the scars and the effects of slavery and the racist policies our nation was founded on are still visible, are painful, and demand our attention and our action,” Campbell @campbelldistrict4 said Wednesday. “Juneteenth should be a Citywide holiday.” #blacklivesmatter #freedom #liberty #sayhername #sayhisname #unity #juneteenth #juneteenthcelebration

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