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Ivy Park... Adiora Fields

THISSSSSSSS ♥️ My husband knew all I wanted for Christmas was Weareivypark sneakers and gear. The week before the release he said I stressed him out about going online to purchase the goods. I’m on a shopping fast so it was on him. Every day I would show him someone receiving an ORANGE locker, trunk or box of IVY PARK with me salivating and screaming over Beyonce’s genius marketing. When Ms. Tina Lawson, Reese Witherspoon and Ellen received theirs I was on the floor! Needless to say he had to officiate a funeral Saturday morning and couldn’t go to the store or go online. I left for Texas the release day and when I returned home today I received the best surprise EVER.

Here’s my box reveal from the best 2 men of my life Matthew K. Thompson and Matthew Thompson YOU ARE THEEEEEE BEST ❤️

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