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I Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda

The “I Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda” statements we make to ourselves. In a recent conversation with my daughter she began to make a series of these “I” statements. Then she said what many of us say to our Mommas after going through a storm “I should have listened to your advice and wisdom.” Instead of hopping on the bandwagon and gloating I put my hand up to stop her. I reminded her that we belong to God. All of our darkest days and disobedience WILL work together for our good. The book of Joel reminds us that every kind of locust will eat away at our lives yet God will restore what was eaten. We are confident that the work He began since day one will be completed in our lives. As we stand on his word, his promises and in obedience his restoration will always be greater than ANY destruction we have withstood. I could write a text book on this subject alone. In short all THE HELL YOU’VE BEEN THROUGH will be the landing pad for someone else’s victory. #newseason #breakthrough #victory #movingahead #movingforward #keepgoing #dontlookback #iwillrise #survivor #warriorwoman

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