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He's my cheerleader

Everyone needs a cheerleader. It is said that beside every good woman is a good man. As the visionary for The Dash Conference my number one earthly supporter is my man, my bae Matthew K. Thompson. He pushes me to levels I never thought possible. He’s there when the tears are falling, he’s there when the triumphs are happening, he’s there for the heartache, he’s there for the victory! When I’m up to the wee hours of the morning finalizing details, praying, seeking God, staring into space, etc he’s there to lay hands on me, pray for me and encourage me. He sees the complete behind the scene canvas of what it takes. When I feel like stopping he gives me the encouragement to keep pushing. When I feel lied on, talked about or mistreated (thanks Fred Hammond for those lyrics) he always has a timely word and a warm embrace. So here’s to the man that is my number one fan, supporter and love of my life. Thanks for standing with me to do what God has called me to do......... Live my dash and help others live theirs.

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