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These shoes were made for driving! 💛💛💛 In 2014 I recorded several voice confessions onto my phone. These confessions were recorded while I was in a GRAND MOOD with beautiful instrumental music playing softly in the background. My confessions included goals, bucket list items, scriptures, adjectives describing my attributes and my dreams. Like the scene in Charlie & The Wonka Factory I thought only happy thoughts to make me rise. Whenever you are recording anything always smile because it releases happy endorphins. It will sound positively enlightening to you and the receiver. When you are trying to conquer the enemy’s voice, which sounds like your voice, you must overpower negative dialogue with positive dialogue. I listened to these confessions morning and night for at least 1 year. I’m here to encourage someone today, not only did I conquer the enemy but I spoke directly to my future. As I combined the word of God, speaking life into my situations and writing my vision down, my actions made things happen. Tomorrow I will embark on a journey that I confessed 5 years ago.The process is work. The wait is work. The work is worth it! We are worth it! #dream #dreambig #dontgiveup #keepdreaming #keepmovingforward #dreamuntilyourdreamscometrue #livelovedash #live #liveyourdash #blazeatrail #leaveamark #goforit #speakit #speakyourtruth #saysomething #faith #joy #believeinyourself #trust #trusttheprocess

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