God has a place for you

YESSSSSSSSSS there is a unique, distinguishable, carved out, with your name on it PLACE. The heavens are crying out, your personal great cloud of witnesses are cheering you on, the angels have there swords drawn and the earth is constantly rotating to move you in the direction of your destiny. Don’t swerve. Don’t get caught up with everyone’s Insta feed. Struggles are difficult to photograph. Just think about the butterfly. Every caterpillar crawls before it gets wrapped in order for metamorphosis take place. There is even blood shed when the caterpillar transforms to a butterfly. The struggle is real yet what emerges is sweetly satisfying. No matter what life throws your way stop, drop, roll then jump, shout and FLY! You got this. There’s a place for you. #imsurroundedbyyou #blazeatrail #leaveamark #liveyourdash #pushtheenvelope #changelives #behope #belove #bepeace #rise #risegirlsrock #riseandshine #riseandgrow #sisterhood #dreambig #transformation #metamorphosis

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