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My worship is all I have! It is who I am and it is who I will always be. Worship takes me through the darkest storms while bringing me center stage into His marvelous light. When I worship, whether in a packed church, concert or alone in my car it is a . No one can praise God for me. What I’ve been delivered from, the grief I overcame, the trials I’ve walked through, the joy unspeakable, the drought, the rain, the heartache, the despair, the suffocation, the rejection, the acceptance, the breakthroughs and everything else not mentioned have all been laid at the feet of the Master in the posture of worship. Worship cleanses my soul as I clap and raise my hands to release it all unto Him who is able to carry it all. #worship #praise #praiseandworship #majesty #jehovah #release #peace #joy #inhispresence #iamjubilee #letgoandletgod

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