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Hey there! It’s FriYAY. If you’re reading this the great news is YOU ARE ALIVE. I don’t know what you’re facing, nothing or everything, yet breath is still flowing from you. Let’s think about this...... someone just found out they had cancer, another person just filed for divorce, someone just got a promotion, people are dropping kids off at school or college, you may be happy or battling depression, the list of great and challenging news goes on miles long yet you have breath. Even when we are in our worse condition the fact that we are breathing means life is in us. I’m reading @common Let Love Have The Last Word where he visits inmates on death row. I can only imagine the heaviness of this moment yet when one inmate delivers a message to Common to remember his community it reminds me of life in the midst of despair. No matter what we are faced with, what we are facing and even what we will face, with every breath we have something to give. I don’t know what your dream is. Most often we get stuck because the dream is so big it scares us, freezes us and overwhelms us. Yet we breathe. Breath is that reminder of taking it all in and giving it all out. A dream is just that giving your all and then resting in it all. You don’t breath all the air you need for your entire life at once and then die. It’s a rhythm, it’s a moment, it’s a pace, it’s perfectly timed, sometimes it’s labored, sometimes it’s panting nevertheless it’s breath. Like you my dreams scare me HOW-ever I will inhale and exhale until the last breath. What will you do with your air today? #dreambig #breathe #inhaleexhale #liveyourdash #love #joy #peace #forgiveness #behappy #leteverythinggo #releaseyourinhibitions #nobondage #nofear #dream #fearless #letsdothis #YES 📸 @angelannlyte 😊

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