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Every morning around 5am I arise, make tea and sit quietly on my front deck to have time with God and nature. Last year when 2 trees fell on our house we needed to have renovations done. One thing I redesigned was my front deck. When the design was complete I also decided to return to my love of flowers. The hardest thing about going away was wondering who would take care of my flowers. This probably seems really funny right

. Honestly the last eight years I haven’t purchased flowers because we travelled so much during the summer months and it didn’t make sense to have someone move in to water my garden. Well I was so happy when I asked my son Matty to take care of my garden he said “I got you Mama!” Seriously that’s exactly what he said when I sent him my detailed list of how to treat my plant babies. Then he took pictures for me so I could see them. While I am enjoying the flowers on vacation I can’t wait until I see my flowers when I return home. #motherson #greenthumb #flowers #takingcareofbusiness#blazeatrail #leaveamark #liveyourdash #joy

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