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First Class

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

I remember the first class I attended as a little girl. I was 5 years old, kindergarten was optional and I hated it. I cried endlessly and the school called my mother to pick me up. Well that was my first and last class until I started the 1st grade.

Then there was the time I flew to Zimbabwe over 16 years ago. We decided on the way back we would see if an upgrade was available for first class. To our surprise an upgrade was available for $500✅✅✅ The difference in seating, food and service plus it included the lounge waiting area. WOW!

My first class at school and my first class flight taught me one valuable lesson first class is an experience. Every experience and the enjoyment of it is based on your mindset. Wherever you find yourself today, determined be to smile releasing happy endorphins, open your spirituals eyes to the current situation yet open to what lies ahead and be ready because wherever you find yourself is the first of that moment because it never happened before.

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