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Darkest Hour

It has been said that the darkest hour comes before the dawn. Each day there are times when you cannot see the sun and there are times when you can’t see the moon, YET they are both there. I remember the first time I encountered the moon during the day. I was so fascinated that something I would ONLY see at night chose to be known during the day. Actually after some research I realized that the moon has to be above the horizon at the right spot for it to reflect off the sun to be visible during the day. What a spiritual parallel! Even my darkest night can be viewed in my brightest day. That is what a testimony is. When you are able to shine the light on your darkest days you help others look over their dark horizons to bring forth the light of victory.

You got this!

It seems so dark now but soon, and very soon, the light will rise. Dawn is coming! Look to the SON!

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