Baptism Again

There have been soooooo many times I considered baptism again. I remembered how I felt when I did it the first time. The renewal, the cleansing away of the old, the joy, the freshness, the love, feeling closer to Jesus, too many emotions to put into words. Last night I felt those same emotions at a deeper level when I was baptized again. I’m still processing what God did in me. It was and is more than I’ve ever expected. My joy is overflowing. I am made new. I AM REBORN. I AM REBIRTH. #leaveamark #blazeatrail #sisterhood #sistersquad #love #joy #baptism #renewal #tasteandsee #womensupportingwomen #womensconference #liveyourdash #thedash #itwillcostyou #thehem Thanks bae @pmktjubilee for your prayers, for baptizing me, for being my priest, provider, protector and my Pastor! ♥️ @ Boston, Massachusetts

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