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Ancient of day

When I was a teenager 53 seemed like ancient of day. I remember being in my twenties filling out forms where you would check your age category and 55 & Up seemed so elderly. I mean why else would you say & up. Even when I turned 30 I thought 50 was pushing senior citizenship. Well once I hit 35 I started preparing to become 40. I thought 40 was the entry point to REAL adulthood. I knew some things, I had journeyed through obstacles, conquered some giants, I had a hold of this thing called life. When 43 hit I started thinking about 50. I purchased books, I talked to women in their 50’s, I began to imagine life at 50. Well in one blink of an eye a new decade came crashing in. I was 50 and honestly nothing prepared me for it. I hit the midpoint of life. I still feel the same however I have a keen sense of awareness that life moves quickly. My grandmother always said this quote to me “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!” This phrase has kept me reaching and remembering that tomorrow is not promised. I’m 53 and I’m ready. Ready for the next 7 years. I’m prepping for 60. I’m not in a rush but I’m aware of time. I’m thinking about what the next season holds and I’m making major adjustments. In life we are living in the moment, putting the past behind us while making moves towards our future. Right now I’ll shake my balloons, Smile and embrace....... 53 & FREE! #womenover50 #empoweringwomen#freedom #blazeatrail #leaveamark#commissioner #dreambig #loveyourself#beingproverbs31 #beingme #bucketlist#beyourself #doit #nolongerthesame#capeverdean #blackgirl #blackgirlmagic #melanin

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