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A few things about this post

A few things about this post (thanks@victorialucia.pbecause I love reading your few things about your posts 😊)@annafostermoiThank you for posting your dog smelling flowers. You will never know the volumes it spoke to my spirit when I needed refreshing.

A few days ago my son@pmkt.jrtook this picture. It was a beautiful day out. My flowers were blooming. I originally had my flip flops on. I asked@anthonysbrown_my spiritual son to grab my floral wedge shoes out of my car. I wanted to be a flower among flowers. While Anthony happily grabbed my shoes, Matty joyfully took my picture. This entire exchange and all the emotions in it brings joy to my weary soul.

Last night my son came home late. I could not reach him. His phone kept going directly to voice mail. He always has his phone. When he arrived home his phone was dead but he was alive. What a blessing for us but not always the same story for others. With the climate of our country being the parent of a black man carries an indescribable weight. I can only imagine what the 8 minutes 46 seconds felt like, feels like because it still remains like an eternity in my soul. Time will never be the same.

Today my heart aches for the parents, the families and the communities that have to endure continuous pain every time another person of color is killed by the hand of a wrongful misuse of power. I wish with all of my being I could return the loved ones back to their families.

Here I stand remembering that I have work to do. Reminded that I have to continue to make a difference wherever I am planted. I will continue to sow seeds for the future of our people, our communities and the next generation. NO MORE # with names.

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