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7,871 miles

I never doubted traveling 7,871 miles for 19 hours to reach India. I knew I was destined to be here. All of the signs in my life pointed to this one moment so etched in heart, floating in my dreams and now a part of my reality. I never questioned my love for peacocks, my lotus flower 🌺 obsession, Indian attire and the culture. Who knew the peacock originated in India and is their state bird or that the lotus flower is a native to Asia. When I was younger my best friend in 6th grade was from India, two of my dearest friends when I worked in corporate America were from Asia. All my life signs pointed towards Asia and I never realized it. Although I never doubted this trip I had moments of angst. I felt like Peter walking on water. Oh Peter it must have been a moment looking at your friend and Savior but realizing that you were doing an impossible task. Those were my thoughts 5 days before leaving BUT GOD! God knew that one year prior I would hear this woman Gayathra speak and I would invite her to speak at our @thedashconference God also knew we would finally synchronize our schedules so she could speak life into my upcoming trip. Gayathra thank you for allowing God to use you to speak to my heart. All I can say is the signs are there, I mean everywhere, taking you to your miracle and when you arrive the wonder of God is a powerful force. India you will always be a part of me. I will never forget the war cry of women being set free!#missions #lotusflower #peacock #love #miraclessignswonders #destiny #hope #women #empowerment #grace #roomatthecross #nolimits #godshowedup #nodoubt #heknowsmyname #walkonwater #gratitude #blazeatrail #leaveamark #foundationbuilder #faith #breakeverychain #mustardseed

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