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Captured Moments 

David's Bridal Visit on Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! What an amazing night I had with these women who braved it out to do something that was faith filled. YESSSSS they are not engaged, they are believing God to be married, and took pictures to place on their vision boards! 😘😘

Thank you David's Bridal for accommodating my group. Your staff was fabulous and friendly. Once they say yes I know they will return to your store. If you have a dream do something towards it.

This was my dream for two years and what a BLESSING! What’s your dream .......... 
💓JUST DO IT💓 Watch out for the next one 😉 

(I hid their faces for their privacy if they choose to post it’s their decision)

Celebrating Mona's 53rd Birthday 

Thank you all for celebrating with me at paint nite!

I had a blast painting ultra fast all the way to the end.

You ladies rock💕

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